16 Candles May Burn Down the House

There will be 16 candles on the cake I prepare this weekend for my first born. He is the one who made me a Mama, and the emotional connection I share with him is unlike any other. He is smart, handsome, and witty. He’s athletic, sarcastic, and sensitive. He plays the big brother role and without hesitation (or thinking) can assiduously annoy his sisters. So, with only five days and counting until his birthday, I’m beginning to think 16 candles just may burn down the house!

Research published a few years ago on the brain’s frontal lobe not fully developing until a young man reaches his mid-20s was alarming. Yet, I had not experienced the true “duh stages” to fully grasp what the research was actually saying. Here I am, fully submerged into raising a teenage boy, and the research is now quite alarming. Like sirens, bells, and whistles alarming. This child of mine can be legally licensed to drive a car in five days, but cannot find his wallet containing his permit!

They say the brain develops from the back to the front which makes complete sense because sometimes when I’m talking to him, he doesn’t answer. I should probably be talking to the back of his head, the part fully developed, to communicate more clearly! The front of the brain, his problem solving, judgement and emotions will just take another short decade to develop.

In all silliness aside, I’m extremely lucky. He sleeps well and devours it as part of his athletic and mental health regime. He is healthy and happy (especially when we say yes), and his friends congregate in our basement every weekend. He doesn’t take crazy risks, doesn’t drink pop, and has a real conscience about doing right from wrong. I love the kid immeasurably, so just to be safe, I may only put one candle on his cake!

4 responses to “16 Candles May Burn Down the House”

  1. Oh the teenage years with boys! I’m lucky I survived those with the hair still on my head rather than in my own fists… mine are in their mid-twenties to early thirties. Eventually their frontal lobes get in the game!

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    1. Thanks for reaching out and letting me know you survived this stage!

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  2. This is a great slice, mixing in the ups and downs of that pre-frontal cortex. I chuckled at the part where you consider talking to the back of his head, lol! Great idea. Enjoy those sixteen or that one candle. Sounds like he’s on the right track.

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    1. I may consider the conversation to the back of the head!! Thanks for your response today!


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