Literacy Consultant

My expertise is literacy.  From growing up next door to the local library, and now dedicating my days to teaching kids to read and write, my life has always been about books. I am a lifelong educator and writer skilled in the art of teaching reading and versed in the power of words.

My love of books began as a middle schooler (dubbed, Associate Buyer-Children’s Literature,) for my mother as we traveled monthly to the city to buy books for her independently owned bookstore. Great Ideas was more than a bookstore; it was a stepping-stone for a lifetime career in books.

With 25 years in education, I specialize in bringing the best literacy practices to teachers and students. I am a recipient of the Kohl Teacher Fellowship in Wisconsin, and my literacy initiative, The 90% Reading Goal, was presented at three statewide conventions in 2023. 

I have coordinated interventions and enrichment programs for 15 years. I have worked with nationwide experts such as Jan Richardson.

The following services are available:

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