Pace Yourself, Mags!

If you walked in my house at 7:04 this morning, you would have witnessed an array of emotions and meltdowns. My 4th grader, who has been battling a cold during state testing this week, was on the floor of my bathroom crying. She was dreading the pacer test and finding all other reasons not to go to school today.

Here’s our conversation:

Her homework wasn’t done

Mom: “Should I explain to your teacher we were at the track meet until 10pm and you will do it this weekend?

Mags: “No! Then, I won’t get my bonus!” (They use classroom economy and get paid for completing homework.)

She’s too sick

Mom: “I think you can power through. You’re getting better.”

Mags: “That’s what you told me on Monday. I did power through! Now, I’m just tired of powering through. ”

It’s state testing week. She told her teacher I told her to “power through.”

It’s the pacer test today

Mags: “I can’t do the pacer test. It will make me cough more than I’m already coughing.” (COUGH. COUGH).

Mom: “Do you want me to wait and do the pacer test next week?”

Mags: “No! All the kids will make fun of me if I sit out.”

Mom: “So, you’ll do the pacer test?”

Mags: “Are you kidding? There’s no way I can get 50.

Mom: “Why 50?”

Mag: “Because that’s what Mr. Lee said he expects.”

Mr. Lee joked about 50 last fall. It was never an expectation.

Low and behold the day turned out better than she expected. She did the pacer test and increased her score from last fall. Pace yourself, Mags!

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