Micro Moves/Micro Shifts

Change is inevitable in all facets of our lives. We change our hairstyle, our eating habits, our routines, our friends, and even our needs versus wants with NO explanation. I make changes every day which result in me doing something different because something in my life isn’t working. So tell me, why do educators need to wait until a new school year to embrace change?

“It’s already February.”

“Let’s wait until a new principal is hired.”

“I can’t handle one more thing on my plate right now.”

We are creatures of habit, and the word change scares us. I get it. I was the kid who couldn’t handle any change up until the age of 31 and became a mom. So, the term micro moves or micro shifts works really well for my kids and the staff I work with as well.

In my role as RtI Coordinator, I use micro shifts a lot, and I use this motto to help move change along (without calling it change).

“What if doing something different, makes a difference?”

I love being an educator, but I don’t love the mindset of waiting until the new school year to implement something new. Perhaps a micro shift or micro move is in store for you?

9 responses to “Micro Moves/Micro Shifts”

  1. I love this post. Changes are necessary. I think being open to trying new things is a very important quality in an educator.

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  2. This reminds me of the oft quoted saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I like the way you’ve turned this on its head with “What if doing something different, makes a difference?” And I love that you don’t use the word change, a word that triggers many.
    Now I want to know more about micro moves and micro shifts.

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  3. Absolutely. Change can happen at any moment. I still remember some of the best advice I got from a friend my first year, which is that each day is a new start, each week a reset. Yes, we want routine for the kids, but sometimes holding onto something that isn’t working for the sake of keeping it until the end of the year isn’t worth it.

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    1. Love the reset motto!! Thank you for contributing.


  4. You’re right! I’ve been challenged lately with change in regard to ChatGPT. I’m someone who usually embraces change and often instigates it. But I’m struggling with what changes this new technology will bring. I should take your advice.

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    1. ChatGPT is a massive blow to English class!! This change may take many micro shift, but I’m sure you’re on your way.

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  5. This is such a relatable post for anyone. I always HATE New Years Resolutions for the exact same reason. If you want to go through a positive change, just do it! Don’t wait around for society to tell you when. I’m glad you’re giving gentle nudges for change and that you also are coming from a place of understanding the aversion!

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  6. I love so much about this Slice. Just the other day someone said to me that the only thing that ever changes in our district is the way that we talk about how we need to make change. I fully appreciate the motto and suggestion to look small and dig deep. Thank you

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  7. I love the idea of micro shifts! It’s hard to change the way we do things so asking “What if doing something different makes a difference?” is brilliant!

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