What My Dog Really Thinks of Me…

Today, I had an argument with my son. While I overplayed something, my teenager underplayed it, sending me into a downward spiral and ugly rant. It was over something stupid; but nevertheless, I raised my voice and concerns. And after the dust settled, and we had kissed and made up, my dog looked at me funny.

I had an auspicious feeling he was showing me empathic eyes almost like he understood my pain. Almost like his eyes were saying, “I see you. I love you. I appreciate you.” Almost like he was on my side. How immature an I talking about sides at my age, yet I AM writing this slice sentence by sentence while stirring the fajita veggies and grilling the chicken.

Multitasking Central is a busy and often lonely city. Can a girl get a little WIN every now and then? My whole life is done in segments, pieces really; and they often aren’t done correctly and never to perfection. Motherhood is dolled out in nonstop movements, so clearly I was given misinformation from the Days of Our Lives cast back in college. I was duped by those actresses. What a crock.

Focus. I was talking about my dog clearly understanding me. Anyway, I feel like his eyes can reach to the emptiness my soul feels some days when I’ve given everything I can and my bucket is empty. I don’t think I’m wrong. He has never said one word to me, yet his eyes tell me everything will be alright…after we walk, of course.

Gotta run. Chicken’s done.

4 responses to “What My Dog Really Thinks of Me…”

  1. It is hard to fit everything in and I, too, often feel like I’m doing things half way. I recently wrote a poem about my dad’s dog and what she is thinking when she looks at me. To me, it looks like she is looking at me in an accusing way. I’m sorry you had words with your son-that never feels good, but at least you made up!

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    1. How ironic about your poem being the opposite point of view. Would love to see the poem!


  2. This is such a chaotic good stream of consciousness – I loved reading it!! It sounds exactly like how I typically think. I totally think dogs pick sides. It’s nice to have at least one ‘being’ on your team.

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    1. Thank you. Most of my ideas for writing come from a “chaotic good stream of consciousness!” Brilliant phrase by the way!


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