Let Your Worries Go with a Worry Stone

When I was between the ages of 10 and 12, my dad pulled me into his office and handed me a worry stone. He showed me how to rub my thumbprint back and forth and suggested I rub my worries away.

At the time, our family was struggling to navigate split households, broken hearts, and a never-ending ping pong match of the blame game. Yet, I was the only one offered this worry stone; my three siblings got off stone-free. I was the Worry Warrior of the family; the Caretaker dolling out loving emotions as fast as I could to repair the heartbreak our family endured.

I bet my dad was also trying to cure my homesickness. As if leaving one parent’s home and settling into the other’s was easy for anyone. I was an emotional mess on the precipice of every Sunday.

My adult self sees what my father was trying to do with presenting me with the worry stone. I rubbed the stone to (almost) its death, and cracked into four pieces! I never left the house without it in my pocket.

Years ago, I found and offered a piece of my worry stone to my own little Worry Warrior. And, last week at the beach, there was a very flat, very smooth shell (Alternate Tellin?) which reminded me of my worry stone; my thumbprint fit perfectly in the groove of the shell. I couldn’t stop collecting them, but this time it wasn’t for my own kids; they were for some of my high school students who are struggling. I hope a worry stone gives them the strength to battle their own worries and be brave in this post pandemic world.

4 responses to “Let Your Worries Go with a Worry Stone”

  1. It’s a great idea to give a worry stone to a student who it could help. Here’s a poem I wrote about my husband:

    Every night he emptied his pockets
    Scattering the contents on top of the chest of drawers-
    His wallet, keys, a few coins, a small Swiss Army knife…
    and a smooth round stone

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    1. Lovely!! I am glad you shared and glad to know big people use worry stones too!

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  2. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    I have never heard of worry stones, but what a wonderful way to deal with worries. I bet some of my middle schoolers would like these. Do you use a certain kind?

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    1. No certain kind. They’re amazing and feel so good and smooth.


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