African Elephant or A Fricken Elephant!

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely an educator. And, you most likely chose the world of education because you enjoy kids and the unpredictable things they say.

I’ve been meaning to script this story since it happened two years ago. It’s entertaining and reminds me why I love being a mom and a teacher.

My eight-year-old daughter was reading a book in the car (I know you think this is the best part of the story but wait for it…!) while driving home from school. And, this conversation happened…

Maggie: “Mom, what’s the biggest land animal?”

Mom: “Is it an elephant?”

Maggie: “Yep. A FRICKEN elephant!”

I’m so glad she couldn’t see the shock and awe register on my face!

Mom: “Oh, Mags. We don’t say that.”

Silence. Oh, gosh. Did I hurt her feelings? Is she going to cry?

Maggie: “Oh. Wait.”

More silence.

Maggie: “Oh. Here you go. Af…ri…can. Afri-CAN. elephant.”

Mom: “Oh! You mean African elephant! That makes more sense!”

The best part was her tone and inflection were spot on as if she was stunned, excited, and amazed at the fact she just read!

“A FRICKEN elephant!”

3 responses to “African Elephant or A Fricken Elephant!”

  1. These types of stories were one of my favorite parts of teaching the littles. I miss that!


  2. I am a teacher leader for California Reading and Literature Project and there is a slide in one of our sections on feasible and unfeasibly pronunciations and it is that joke. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Oh, wow!! Thank you for responding and sharing too!


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