The Allure of Being Pulled in Opposite Directions

It’s Sunday. I’m on my last day of our beach vacation. I wake and do a body scan-nothing hurts. Then, I do a mind scan-no worries. I have nothing pressing my mind, nothing aching or pulling me in any direction. It’s going to be a lovely day; I will use every minute to its fullest.

I manage to sneak out of the quiet house-everyone else observing the loss of an hour and saving themselves in slumber. I bike six minutes to the beach and plan to enjoy an unchaperoned walk.

No pulls. No aches. No worries.

My feet swiftly move in the kinetic, white, sand. The sounds of the beach rhythmic and regular. My breaths are full but airy and light. My mind is empty.

And there it is, ten minutes into my walk, a pull of the grandest kind. My favorite kind of dilemma. The Waning Gibbous Worm Moon taking it’s final bow on my right, and the brilliant sun preparing its rise for stardom on my left.

Their balance in perfect harmony yet complete opposites. They both have equal pull on me; both beautiful and sizeable for their energy and allure. Instead of choosing one versus the other, I spread my arms out and reach for these magical celestial bodies, feeling their energies run from my fingertips and warm my soul. It’s a pull of the grandest kind.

2 responses to “The Allure of Being Pulled in Opposite Directions”

  1. I love the scene you’ve painted here with the moon on one side and the rising sun on the other.

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    1. Thanks! And, I appreciate it coming from the science guy!

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