How Sweet Is Your Soul?

Vacation is a time to release yourself from your daily world leaving your job and stressful self at home. Each year, I find myself leaving behind my educator daily duties, yet packing the educator. I just can’t leave her behind; she’s an innate part of me. And, with my super hero teacher powers, I can peg another educator instantly by the way he/she interacts with others.

Last night, while my husband and I managed to sneak away from the kids to listen to live music, I spotted the sweetest soul. She was wearing an orange, loosely-fitted blouse paired with white pants. Her brown sandals moved to the beat of the music and her thick, blonde hair was pulled in a pony, yet it seemed relaxed and content for a some order. She was with her husband, sitting close to him, and he doted on her, replenishing her with Corona or waters every so often.

I don’t know why I was fixated on her; I like to people watch and she seemed content in her surroundings. And, then I saw it–her soul so sweet, I just knew she must be a retired teacher!

About halfway through the first set of music, another couple arrived looking free-spirited in both their demeanor and locks of long, silvery hair. Probably retired as hippies because now their most important job was caring for their adult daughter in a wheelchair. I could see they were looking for a comfortable place for their daughter to listen to the music. It was crowded and they desired to stay in the back of this outdoor space. In an instant, the sweet soul of this story got up and offered the family of three to join her at her table.

My heart leapt from my chest! Not only do I love witnessing random acts of kindness, but I knew I was probably right about her being a retired teacher. The teacher spent her evening conversing with the couple but mostly with the daughter. I felt the crescendo of the music and the drums come alive when the young girl offered her pen to the woman in orange. The mother’s jaw dropped and formed into a bright smile signaling, “she doesn’t offer her pen to many people.”

I imagine our sweet soul is happily waking this morning, and will no doubt share her sweet soul with another human today. She is spreading kindness every day even during retirement. So, I ask, how sweet is your soul?

9 responses to “How Sweet Is Your Soul?”

  1. I have tears in my eyes. This is beautiful! I could picture the scene and feel your emotions as you watched. What a tribute you have paid here to the heart and soul of humanity!

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    1. Oh, thank you! That was my intention-goosebumps or tears! I shared this story with my two daughters this morning and they had the same reaction.

      I wish I would’ve said something to our protagonist, but I’m guessing I did tribute to her in my written words.

      Thank you for responding!

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      1. I think you absolutely paid the highest tribute! And her actions will stay with you (and anyone who reads this or you tell) and someone somewhere will pass the kindness on! That’s what stories do!

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  2. Love every part of this post! Smiled when I read the line: …yet packing the educator. I just can’t leave her behind; she’s an innate part of me. Yes – for me too! That helper part of us is always there – I used to admonish myself – but now I celebrate that part of me. And Yes – we need more sweet souls in this world. Lovely story!

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    1. I am thankful you responded and reminded me to celebrate this part of ourselves! On the lookout for more sweet souls on vacation!

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  3. Tales of a Second Grade Nothing Avatar
    Tales of a Second Grade Nothing

    I love this, so much. Thank you for sharing this sweet moment of humanity. Sometimes, our world can feel so dark- people like this bring much-needed reminders that we are not all bad. Thank you for the hopeful slice this morning!


  4. This is the second time today I’ve been reminded of the importance of kindness. Well written and well received.

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    1. Thank you, Rita! I am so glad I got this story on “paper” and even more grateful I had an audience to share.

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      1. It’s important!


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