Here’s a Tip-Hire Captain Cristian.

How many dolphins are there in the world? Have you ever seen any alligators? Have you ever caught a shark? Are you the only captain?

These were just a sampling of the more than one hundred questions asked by our ten-year-old on our chartered boat/fishing expedition today. Poor Captain Cristian!

When we first heard Captain Cristian, we pegged him for an older, refined gentleman, but our CC was an easy, going twenty something born and raised on Marco Island. Up until today, he probably thought he was outfitted with every question imaginable. That is, until he met our Maggie!

Within one minute of leaving shore, she posed a question where he could not supply an answer, and the giggles propelled from there.

Our first adventure was a visit with the dolphins (“How many dolphins are there in the world?”) The second stop was shelling on a remote island. It was during shelling where I noticed their little relationship develop. As the rest of us scattered around looking for shells, I saw her glued to his side. Asking questions, no doubt!

And, once we started fishing, I saw their relationship secured. Maggie laughing when the captain got pooped on by a fish, and he was very relaxed as she lost shrimp after shrimp; reeling up an empty line every time. The interchange of the fishing pole being passed back and forth after he put on new bait required no conversation. After three hours, he had earned big brother status!

Mike and I sat back and giggled as well as Maggie’s two older siblings. I looked around around the boat and was at ease. Everyone was having a good time especially our ten-year-old.

When it was time to call it a day, we thought it was only appropriate to have Maggie give Captain Cristian the tip. Fifty cents for every question she asked and fifty more cents for every answer he graciously afforded her.

Consider this my review on Yelp, Google, or Trip Advisor! We would hire back Captain Cristian!

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