Would You Go Back to High School in a Heartbeat?

The beach will have to wait this morning while we wait for the clock to tick 9:45, so my son can register for his Junior year of high school. His biggest decision this morning will be whether to take AP Chemistry or Honors Chemistry next year while postponing the other until Senior year.

Really? This is high school at the highest level, and I can hear myself retracting my ever-so-popular words, “I’d go back to high school in a heartbeat!”

You know the sentiments. You may have said them yourself:

  1. I wish I could go back and do it all over again
  2. I think I would it enjoy it more as an adult.
  3. I’d try harder.
  4. I’d do it differently.
  5. The best time of my life.

This is a great conversation piece when meeting new people. Ask anyone, “Would you go back to high school?” My research tells me half would go back in a heartbeat, and the other half want absolutely nothing to do with the brick and mortar prison. So, let’s talk it out.

Me? I loved high school; it was good to me. But what I need to do is update my verbiage. “I’d go back to high school in the 90s in a heartbeat.

While I’ve been romanticizing high school all these years, I need to recognize how much it’s changed for our students.

  • A new study shows 1 in 3 teenage girls is having suicidal thoughts.
  • Absenteeism is at its all time high; kids are not even attending high school.
  • Pressure is on for high ACT/SAT scores while the college admissions process is comparable to winning the lottery.
  • And, social media is overtaking face to face conversations, friendships and dating creating extreme high and woes.
  • Our high school has 17% of our high school students enrolled in our at risk support program as we dig out of pandemic problems.

So, I think growing up in (insert your decade here) the late 80s/early 90s was just plain easier. I go back there in a heartbeat.

10 responses to “Would You Go Back to High School in a Heartbeat?”

  1. Your tag line pulled me in right away because my answer would be a loud “NO”. It was not a time in my life that I would like to relive. I agree that high school in the 80’s was much simpler than now. There was a lot less pressure than I saw my daughter deal with in 2020. Thank you for sharing those facts about current trends that high schoolers deal with on a daily basis.

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    1. I love your honesty about reliving high school. It really is a bold YES or a hell NO!

      Part of my job is creating RtI systems for our high school (post pandemic). It’s been a fine line trying to support students who are struggling with mental health illnesses, absenteeism, or family traumas and still “hold them accountable” to high school standards.


  2. High school (late 60s-early 70s) wasn’t terrible for me. A mixed bag, but no, I don’t want to do it again. I feel for kids today, though, it’s become much more complicated, I think.

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    1. Ha! A mixed bag! Why that answer is just a story waiting to be written!


  3. As someone who graduated high school in 2017 — I wouldn’t go back!

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    1. I would imagine you have your reasons! Good for you for standing bold on the other side!


  4. I have thought this one through, especially as a middle school teacher and mother of two teens and a tween: I’d go back ONLY if I could take my knowledge with me. Not my book smarts (because, honestly, I’m not thinking about the academic side of high school!), but my life smarts….I’d go with what I know now and have a blast!!

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    1. So clever! Spot on answer! I often wonder how much fun high school would be with a bunch of 50 year olds who have learned a thing or two since graduation!!

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  5. Also drawn by your tagline because the answer for me is absolutely NO. Your post is thoughtful and engaging. My son is going to high school next year, and it truly is so different now. Not better or worse IMHO, but different.


    1. Everyone gets a vote! You can say NO.

      I hope your experience as a mother raising a high schooler presents more pleasurable!

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