Dear Daughter A: Words Before Womanhood Begins

Dear Daughter A,

I know you are anxiously awaiting the leap into womanhood. Everywhere you go, you are preparing for this noteworthy moment. Before you begin, I have some words of advice I’m hoping you’ll consider.

It’s perfectly acceptable to keep your young self around for advice and enlightenment. You know her best, and she will be needed to remind you to swing on swings, run through mud puddles, and sleep with your blankie. Keep her close to your heart.

While no woman is properly prepared for womanhood, I recognize the allure of it with all the mascara, bras, and high heel shoes. But, really it’s adolescence AND adulthood which offers cycle of ups and downs, good and bad, and highs and lows, births and death. It’s called LIFE and everyone experiences it (including men). Womanhood just gets an additional layer of mood swings, cramps, tight fitting clothing, sore breasts, and fatigue. Did I mention uncertainty? There’s no easy way into womanhood. Period.

But, once you’re in, the bond and camaraderie you feel with other women will last all month, all year, all your life. Womanhood creates tightly knit relationships and on-going cycles of laughter, memories, friendship and love.

Don’t let the beginning detain you. It will be a bumpy stretch, so bring your younger self with you along for ride; you’ll desperately need her. And, I’ll be there every step of the way along with your sister, grandmothers, aunties, and friends. You will be surrounded by tenderness and endearment as you make the journey.

With love-MOM

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