Teenagers: Transitioning to Adulthood With An Occasional Toddler Pitstop.

Every so often, I managed to lock in a few minutes with my very busy, teenage son. He’s a three sport, student athlete living the lap of high school luxury and enjoying his friends’ new found freedom of cars and licenses. We never really see him unless it’s from the bleachers or the daily, anticipated Snap in our group chat called, Famtastic.

Raising this type of human keeps me up at night with contemplation and worry. And, mostly because he’s not home yet, and I’m stalking him on Life 360! Life isn’t easy for any of us, but I do have empathy for the adolescent years; what a span of uncertainty! In a matter of a month, he’s earned his first W-2 form, first debit card, first kiss, and first season ending injury.

Yet, I’ve learned he can handle some setbacks beautifully or simply not at all. He barely balked at his torn labrum for weeks, yet a weekly trip to the dump felt like toddler tantrums all over again. He didn’t miss a beat when asked to write six essays in one weekend for AP History, yet planning a schedule for Junior year may have set him (and me) over the edge. I didn’t hear a whimper after his first break up, but cleaning toilets is teenage agony!

I’m learning what he needs and what may set him off; he’s still my baby and trying to grasp the hardships and grandeur of adolescence. And, I hear he’s the easy one. I’m just beginning to parent two teenage girls! So, I’ve dubbed the teenage years as an “awkward transitioning to adulthood with a few toddler pitstops.”

8 responses to “Teenagers: Transitioning to Adulthood With An Occasional Toddler Pitstop.”

  1. This post is brilliantly written – I love the juxtaposition between each scenario that your son encounters; each is so reflective of your title. Enjoy every moment – and you will have this post to look back on (with mist in your eyes) in a few years. 🙂

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    1. Your response hints that you have not only survived the “toddler pitstops” but would welcome them back in a heartbeat. Thanks for your kind words today!


  2. Toddler pitstops! That is the best!! As the parent of two teens and a tween, I fully appreciate every word.

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    1. Again, just by our words, I think you’d be great company to keep!


  3. You had me at toddler pitstops! I get it. I heard someone on a podcast I listen to refer to young adults like a batch of brownies that look fully baked, but are still mushy in the middle. I like how you compare one difficult, challenging event with the meltdown version, the one you’d think would be taken more easily, like cleaning toilets. Ha! Easy to do, but not pleasant. But the six essays? Kudos to him! I enjoyed this slice as I prep for my 8th grader to really get into what I like to call it, Toddlerhood 2.0 (on turbo boost).

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    1. Oh my gosh! He is a brownie! What an amazing and spot on resemblance to the teenage years-brownies!

      Good luck in turbo boost too!

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  4. Season of Service Avatar
    Season of Service

    Jen, it’s me, Joy! Holy Moses….you are a saint. Holding this season with grace and ease seems like an impossible feat, and yet here you are, maneuvering every curve ball. Nonetheless, I will be praying for you, darling. This season can’t be an easy one. I just had the first real “friend issue” come up with my seven-year-old and boy, did I get a glimpse into the future. She was a teary mess as she poured out her heart and soul to me in the rocking chair one night.

    You are one impeccable momma!


    1. Joy! I’ve been trying to find you! It sounds like you gave Rose exactly what she needed-your ears and heart! You know your words mean so much to me; they have a way of finding me at just the right time!


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