Give My Husband Some Love, Please!

Also known as my fourth child, my tall and funny husband is in need of some love and attention, please. Regarded by some as the “coolest guy in pharmacy,” the man works his tail off to provide for our family, attend all kid-related activities and coach several of their sports. So, you would think he would get more love and attention, but get in line, Mike! In a household consisting of color-coordinated schedules and a needy golden retriever, he’s always the last to be picked!

So, it dawned on me awhile back. The only way he can get any attention is to draw attention to himself…in the strangest ways.

This month, it’s due to an awkward, handlebar mustache. After a recent bout of Covid, he had to shave all facial hair for his hospital N95 mask to fit properly. As he proudly marched out of the bathroom, his smirky smile sported an orangish, caterpillar plastered on his face. And, he was looking for some hard earned love from any of us.

It should be known, my husband draws hair envy from many of our balding friends. He has a head full of thick, black (okay, silvery) wonderful hair. So the awkward part comes in two fold. The thing growing on his face is orange and it has handlebars!

But, god love him because he gets what he wants! Male friends are high fiving him at restaurants, and he’s dominating the work force and work meetings with discussions on mustaches. His jokes are now, “I mustache you to stop talking about my mustache!” And, the teenagers are doing polls about whether it’s cool or creepy!

My hard working husband finally got the attention he deserves!

2 responses to “Give My Husband Some Love, Please!”

  1. Season of Service Avatar
    Season of Service

    This is your husband, and I think every other man on the face of this earth. Jen, last night these words came out of my husband’s mouth, “Joy, I feel like you are sweet to everyone else except for me.” Guess what?! He was right! For some strange reason, my husband can be the last one to get my best love and attention. Is it because I know he will always be there, so I subconsciously take him for granted? I am still working on all angles of why this may be. Anyway, I am choosing this week to focus on showing him my best love this week.

    Your post so beautifully encompasses the quirks, comedic nature, and natural needs of your husband….raw and organic. Lovely!

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    1. It calms me knowing your husband is in the same boat, Joy. There’s probably an island made up of thousands of husbands who yearn and desire more love and attention. Perhaps, we do take them for granted. I always say I’m coming back as a husband in my next life, but maybe I’ll reconsider. Maybe I’m not cut out for husband life; I’m too needy and require too much attention!


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