My Pandemic Flannel

Oddly enough, the last time I participated in SOL was in March 2020, so my first post will be written in my “pandemic flannel.” Over the years, I find myself reaching for in it times of need, and Monday was one the those days.

Winter’s devils, Snow and Ice, arrived again early Monday and shut down our schools and held us captive in our homes…again. We’re on the sixth snow day. So, instead of trying to find any control, I found my pandemic flannel instead; the all-too-tight, Buffalo plaid security shirt which I wore every day during Shutdown brings such comfort.

My blog usually contains stories about my life as a mother, and today will be no different. Here we go…

Maggie, ten years old, vivacious and full of curiosities, couldn’t be any more different than Abby, the world’s most put-together, responsible thirteen year old blogger and Mother Hen.

Towards the end of our Snow Day, my husband and I notice Maggie’s eyes watering while she’s drinking “carbohydrate” (carbonated) water out of a wine glass. When we ask her about it, she get serious but with a gleam of truth forming around the corner of her mouth. Her first line of defense is to get defensive. She has no way to filter her emotions from pouring out.

From the other room, I hear Abby yell, “I bet her eyes are watering because she tried to glue her eyes shut!” Thank goodness I was wearing my pandemic flannel to comfort me!

3 responses to “My Pandemic Flannel”

  1. I also have a pandemic flannel! So comfortable.

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  2. hee hee to Abby’s comment about the eyes! Glad you shared this story today!


    1. I didn’t think about Abby being the EYES of the household! Well played, Tammy!

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