Make Your Mark

It’s innate in my personality; I was born this way. For decades, I have been trying to ease the burdens my friends and family possess by sharing my time, my advice, and sometimes taking on their heavy lifting. I love creating unexpected surprises and smiles. Day after day, I continue to see this trait of mine bestowed in my kids; what a sweet sentiment.

When my daughter turned 9, we had a storybook-themed birthday party where the invitees dressed as their favorite book character (think Pinkalicious & Junie B. Jones). We housed the party at our local library and set up a station to create personalized bookmarks for library patrons! It was so thrilling watching these young girls interact with other book lovers and celebrate reading together. It was also magical watching the smiles of the patrons as they received their bookmark.

In this uncertain and trying time, we decided to bring back this activity once again. Yesterday, we were busy creating personalized bookmarks for our loved ones. We created a list of our special people and created a work station filled with stickers, markers, stamps, and gel pens. Tomorrow, we will send these unexpected gifts through the mail and hopefully deliver smiles midweek!

In case you’re interested…here’s a link to the bookmarks we use.

4 responses to “Make Your Mark”

  1. Each day I’m offered hope in the myriad ways people find to bring comfort to others during our shared isolation. The service your daughter and her friends offered library patrons prepared them for the service she and her siblings are now rendering by making bookmarks for family and friends. This is lovely.

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  2. This is such a fun project! I think we have some blank bookmarks in our crafting room. I’ll have to check and see if my daughter would like to do this.. I think it’s a lovely way to put a smile on someone’s face.

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  3. Such a great idea! It could also be a great activity for our at home students! They would have to scout out their own paper but kids can be really resourceful!

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  4. What a fun idea! I can just picture your sweet girls putting their mark on each gift. This has inspired me. Thank you!


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