The Nest

I saw her this morning and froze with excitement. She wasn’t resting but scoping her surroundings and precipitously moving her head from left to right. Her puffed out chest summoned the time was near. I’m already on to her decision. After all these years, she will settled for the ledge on the back deck where the garage roof slightly hangs to offer protection. Ironically, her chosen safe place will have a captive audience as it has for the last decade.

Her arrival sends more than just spring-like weather. It signals the sweetest memory of a time where parenthood consisted of a three-year-old and one-year-old dressed in fluffy robes (one in pink and one in blue). A time where little feet entered on tiptoes but smiles beamed with glee. Hands and lips smeared the glass door searching for the right angle to sneak a peek. These moments lasted for weeks.

Full of Curiosity. Full of anticipation. Full of wonder. Full of impatience.

Until the moment they see the three blue eggs. Until the moment those eggs crack. Until the moment they meet the furry, wet little creatures. Until the moment they view a feeding.

Her songs will forever bring me to this memory to my heart.

2 responses to “The Nest”

  1. Such a sweet memory of springtime brining peace and joy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Redo due to a typo Such a sweet moment of springtime bringing peace and joy. Thank you for sharing this momentous occasion for little eyes.


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