Stealing Kisses

I wrote this years ago when my babies were babies…

When the moon shines high through the big bay window, I climb into your bed and move a pillow. 

Your arms are stretched high above your head with warm rosy cheeks you sigh in your bed. 

I see you lying perfectly still after your day of nonstop energy and thrill.

You sleep and dream of new days to come and will wake bright and early to continue the fun.

You have no knowledge about what I do next although it happens each night like a blinking reflex.  

I steal a kiss, or two, or three maybe four. Then sneak out of your room and close the door. 

I stop and marvel at your perfection and bliss.  I’m the luckiest mom to have stolen a kiss.

4 responses to “Stealing Kisses”

  1. I love how you “stole” kisses each night. Your rhyming pattern makes reminds me of how my nephew loves rhyming books and poems right now and he’d love the cadence of your poem. You’ve captured this nightly ritual in a way, I feel as though I’m there with you standing in the doorway. Like your line, “Your arms are stretched high above your head with warm rosy cheeks you sigh in your bed.” I wonder if the timing of you sharing it, helps to bring you a bit more peace, it did for me. Thank you.

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  2. I love everything about this poem. Honestly, I envision this as a picture book w/ dreamy illustrations. It’s so comforting and full of love.

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    1. I wrote it years ago with the intention of publishing it! I love your line of dreamy illustrations!


      1. I hope you’ll follow through on the publishing.

        I actually won the Highlights Foundation retreat last year during this challenge and attended a workshop in September. They have such wonderful resources and connections for helping authors and illustrators publish.


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