When the Sun Shines

When the sun shines, Hope bursts out the front door with glee.

When the sun shines, Happiness returns from hibernation and greets others from a distance.

When the sun shines, Stress slides off the backs of the overburdened and overdressed.

When the sun shines, Anticipation joins the party to linger.

When the sun shines, Giddiness stares at the possibilities of spring rejuvenation.

7 responses to “When the Sun Shines”

  1. I love this poem. You are right about the transformative power of the sun. I especially love the imagery of this line- “Stress slides off the backs of the overburdened and overdressed.” Wishing you weeks of sunshine.

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  2. Love this uplifting post!

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  3. This is so beautiful! I love your personification! The weather, with its sunshine or no sunshine, has been making a huge difference in my mood. This poem feels spot on to me.

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  4. Every word is true. I hope the sun shone for you and your family today. It did for us.


  5. Getting out in the sunshine is helping me get through these days.


  6. Yes –perfectly said! We all need the sun and this poem today

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  7. Agreed! Your repetition here was powerful. All that figurative language allowed me to see positive effects of sunshine. This line resonated with me most, “Giddiness stares at the possibilities of spring rejuvenation.”

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