It’s a Gamble

Today, the news reported Kenny Rogers passed away. It’s strange how one name can spark such a memory like wildfire. A memory I haven’t thought about in years, but helps track and define who I am today. I was brought back to one classroom, in my hometown in middle school where I felt my best self!

When I was in seventh grade, my choir teacher, was a man with such energy and charisma. He actually played me into thinking my voice was full of aces. I remember the day when he handed me a piece of paper; I can still see the words splayed all over the page. I watched him sing The Gambler to us for the first time. I was mesmerized. He had the entire class on their toes, totally intrigued. I can still see him tapping his toes and tapping his guitar during the last chorus; this man loved his job as much as he loved this song!

Day after day we sang this Kenny Rogers’ classic about a gambler who gave some advice, drank some whiskey, and bummed a cigarette. Not at all inappropriate for 1987! It made me feel good, feel powerful. I let my voice fly.

Tonight, I turned on the Bluetooth, pulled up the lyrics on the internet, and blasted this song for my kids. I sang and sang and sang. I was brought back to being a seventh grader, and it was amazing!

One response to “It’s a Gamble”

  1. Not many can say they felt empowered in seventh grade. That definitely calls for an encore of “The Gambler.”


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