No Bored Games

Games! Games! Games!

Jeopardy weekdays at 4:00 for the entire family. Solitare during math games for my first grader.

Today, as part of his independent learning time (that’s code for “I’m tired and you can study what you want!”), my son made a Kahoot game using NBA facts he’s stored in his brain over the last year. My husband has never heard of Kahoot, so it was pretty cool for my kids to show their dad something he didn’t know. We all gathered round the living room and played together.

Tonight, we invited Virtual Nana into our house for a game of Sorry via FaceTime! She took last place, but I’m pretty sure she enjoyed the time with us.

These are the moments which will make us stronger. These are the moments we will crave someday.

2 responses to “No Bored Games”

  1. I love the idea of Virtual Sorry! I’ll bet my mom would enjoy Virtual scrabble! I’m going to see if I can figure out how to set it up for us!

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  2. Independent learning as code for being tired so teach yourself is hilarious. Love the dry humor. And “virtual granny” makes me ponder what is real and what is pixelated. I can see teachers writing versions of “My So-Called Virtual Teaching Life,” to borrow from that old tv show. Your slice reminds me of why life is stranger than fiction. I bet lots of teachers and students would love the basketball Kahoot. Very cool.

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