Time is a Gift

We all know we are in unprecedented waters and uncharted territory. We’re rewriting history day by day. Our lives are changed as we know it, and we will forever refer to our lives pre-CO-VID19 and post CO-VID19.

My kids and I decided to FaceTime each of the grandparents tonight to check in on them. This is the generation we’ve been told is the most at risk. My heart sunk today as I realized, I can’t really visit them if I want to keep them safe.

Tomorrow, I’m writing the grandparents (all five) and asking each of them to write one letter every day to their grandchildren with one story of his/her life. Time is a gift, and I see this time as a gift for all of mankind who will be at home waiting for this to pass.

Yesterday, my son went ice fishing with his namesake (Grandpa Bruce) with a little apprehension (because there was also other things like video games he could be doing). When he arrived home from fishing four hours later, he ran into the living room to tell me the best story with the most genuine smile on his face.

Here’s the story:

Grandpa Bruce has bad knees and a bum shoulder so he insists on turning and pulling the rod out of the water instead of reeling. When the fish got loose, Ben witnessed the unthinkable. His grandfather, turned around, dropped his rod and gloves, yelled, “No, you don’t” and tackled the fish on the ice (on his bad knees) before the fish made it back safely to his hole. Ben said it was the best thing he’s ever seen!

In the scheme of this entire worldwide debacle, this story will forever be in my son’s world. And, that my friends, is a gift. Time is a gift. Don’t waste it!

3 responses to “Time is a Gift”

  1. That’s a wonderful fish story. I spent much of today rifling through photos and recalling family stories. They mean so much to our children and grandchildren. As Tom Newkirk says, our minds are made for stories. I hope soon your children will have more grandparent time, but in the interim, I hope the grandparents follow through w/ the letters.

    BTW: My husband and I are in the “high risk” group, but I wish society would prioritize young people rather than boomers during this pandemic. We have had many discussions about this.


    1. I hear ya! We know now everyone is at risk. If every person can truly understand they’re not exempt from this, we can contain it together.


  2. I love that you captured a story about grandpa diving down to the ice for a fish, but also I love the idea about having the grandparents each write a story a day about their lives. That will keep them busy and surely bring back memories, but also give your children something to cherish.

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