The Essential Five

My soon-to-be teenager feels our family needs to eat everything out of our pantry before we decide to stock up. What a brilliant idea! He also suggested when it’s time to go to the grocery store, everyone should get one item on the list for a total of five items! As we begin Day “Five” of our quarantine, here is our family’s essential five list:

  1. Dad-Ribs
  2. Mom-Half & Half
  3. Ben-Rotisserie Chicken
  4. Abby-Ravioli
  5. Maggie-Red peppers

My heart aches because my children picked very practical items. So…we had to make a fun list.

The Non-Essential Five!

  1. Dad-Ribs!
  2. Mom-Cheetos
  3. Ben-Oreos (to make chocolate covered Oreos)
  4. Abby-Ghirardelli white chocolate chips (see Oreos).
  5. Maggie-Skittles

2 responses to “The Essential Five”

  1. What a great idea to consider what is essential. Essential can reach so many levels from essential to survive to essential for mental well-being. I know that a little treat or two has been on my list, too. Stress relief:)


  2. I love your kid’s practicality. I wish adults would take this advice. We are not hoarding her. Dad must really like ribs. Ice cream would be on my list. I miss my boyfriends, Ben & Jerry.


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