In This Moment

The sun is shining in this moment.

The snow is melting in this moment.

The temperature is rising in this moment.

Springtime is off in the distance waiting to make an appearance in this moment.

My boys are ice fishing with Grandpa in this moment.

My girls are upstairs playing ukulele and singing in this moment.

The sun is still shining in this moment.

5 responses to “In This Moment”

  1. Sunshine, ice-fishing and ukulele – all is good in this moment.


  2. I love how you ended each line with “in this moment.” Enjoying the moment is a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love the way this poem celebrates being present in this moment.


  4. I love the positive emotions in this slice. What a great day. So glad to read it.


  5. I love the repetition. I also love that the girls were upstairs playing the ukulele and singing.


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