Cessation for Staycation

With less then three hours left in my day, my relaxed self sat on the couch reading in peace. I almost forgot to write! It was confirmed again today how my mood continues to have the power to dictate the household’s mood. I know there are days when the four of my peeps look at me with uneasiness as they watch me overreact about schedules, spills, forgotten homework, and dinner dishes. Their eyes may show a little pity but their hugs always scream love and acceptance.

Our first day of “Staycation” was harmonious. After time on the cross country ski trails (social distancing as I stayed six feet from my ski partner!), I came home to three children who were independently engrossed in their own play and a husband who was reading the book I suggested. No one needed me for anything, so I quietly changed out of my Supermom cape, rinsed off the ski sweat, and slipped into my comfy, relaxed mood on the couch. And, stayed there. My family had the luxury of seeing me at peace and relaxed within our home. I’m grateful for days like this. We wrapped up the first evening of Staycation with a bonfire at sunset surrounded by snow, snacks, and “cessation for Staycation!”

2 responses to “Cessation for Staycation”

  1. I wondered where you were today. Glad you Mande it and had a harmonious day. Cross country skiing sounds like a perfect activity to ward off the coronavirus blues.

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    1. Ha! I’m glad to know I’m on someone’s radar!

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