A Mother’s Love May Help

Parenthood is an ever changing obstacle course of firsts for them and firsts for me. It appears my children always look to me as if I will have all the answers; this is both frightening and empowering depending on the situation.

In past years, I’ve mastered healing scraped knees, midnight feedings, and sending my loves to kindergarten. Today, I am learning how to comfort a middle schooler with an overbooked homework pile, a fifth grader with sore teeth from a recent trip to the orthodontist, and the little who spent the afternoon fighting a stomach bug and fever.

Tonight, my husband and I made the decision not to travel tomorrow due to the recent news of COVID-19 (and recent stomach bug in our household). Just like parenthood has no rule book, trying to make decisions about whether to chance travel is agonizing. The teardrops from one and sadness hidden with bits of anger from another tore my heart apart. My heart goes out to all parents tonight who are trying to shed some light on a very scary subject such as a worldwide pandemic. As an individual, I’m just trying to keep calm, but the mass pandemonium isn’t helping. As a parent, I need to protect, console, and comfort, and that’s about all I am confident with at this moment: my love as a mother will never fail me or them.

6 responses to “A Mother’s Love May Help”

  1. I can’t imagine being a mom w/ children at home right now. Hang in there. A calm, steady hand will comfort and teach.


    1. Thank you, Glenda. I do enjoy your comments!


  2. Parenting is always a challenge. My two are on their own now, but we were texting back and forth about this virus and what is needed to be ready. Yes, staying calm is important. It’s hard when the shelves at Costco are emptying, the parking lot is jammed, there is a limit of water purchases, and the line goes all the way to the back of the store. Hang in there!


    1. I bet it’s just as hard being away from your own two and trying to comfort from afar!


  3. Such an insightful slice. May you find peace in knowing that any decision you made based on the best interest of your family is the right one.


    1. Thanks, Joy. What a strange week. I’ve realized long ago, the perk of being an adult means making your own decisions . Then, I realize about two days after being an adult, I wished my parents would just tell me what to do sometimes. This would be one of those times!


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