“I See Moon, Mama!”

In honor of the super moon and the boy who made me a Mama…

The moon is shining high through the big, bay window. We are sitting next to each other, your little, bare feet hanging straight over the couch. Your winter chapped cheeks are rosy and always scream for a kiss. Your wispy hair is everywhere with no solution in sight. You have one finger resting in the red tag of your white cotton blanket who you craftily call, Tag.

Goodnight, Moon is the bedtime book of the month, and you stretch out “mooooon” and whisper “hushhhh” so inventively. Time for bed. Your hand in mine walking up the steps, and then you stop and point. Next, you say your first sentence…

“I see moon, Mama!”

7 responses to ““I See Moon, Mama!””

  1. I miss my little babies. Hold on tight, the time goes so fast!


    1. He turns 13 next month! I’m hanging on!!


  2. This is such a sweet memory. My heart is melting. Little boys grow up so fast.


  3. So sweet! Good Night, Moon was one of our favorite bedtime stories. Thanks for taking me back, my youngest will be 13 years old this month.


  4. Such a sweet memory! I used to read Goodnight, Moon to my two children plus all the Littles who were in my daycare. We loved finding the mouse and naming items and counting cows. Thank you for taking me back. 🙂

    My first grandchild is just three months old, but I know this will be one of his favorites, too.

    Yes, hold tightly!


    1. It thrills me to know you will be able to relive your memories with your grandchild. How precious.


  5. What a beautiful illustration of this pivotal moment as a mom! How we cherish those firsts. I feel like a fly on the wall watching this scene unfold. “Your hand in mine walking up the steps,” brought a mild glisten to my eyes. So. Much. Love. Beautiful slice.


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