We’re on the no plan plan…

A full Saturday with nothing on the calendar can be compared to the elation a teacher feels when the phone rings to signify the cancellation of school! It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I can instantly let go of obligations and stress and find myself able to engage in the best conversations and moments with my kids.

I love schedules and tackling everything on our family calendar such as piano and swim lessons, sports’ practices and tournaments, pick ups and carpools, and play dates and birthday parties. It makes me feel empowered. However, there’s nothing more rescuing than knowing we don’t have to wake to an alarm or even leave the house. Today is one of those days.

Unfortunately, on many of these free days, my husband, a pharmacist, has occasional weekend shifts at the hospital and isn’t able to join us (and, he always reminds me on a snow day, health-care doesn’t close due to weather…say whaaat?!?)

Today starts with slow sips with my book in bed.

Then, I listen to Maggie read her chapter book. We are snuggled up against each other talking about the events and characters in her book. We can’t stop talking about the “squinty eyed bully named Travis.”

In between chores, there are pancakes (blueberry & chocolate chip) made to order, and there’s conversation at the breakfast table and even Mom has the luxury of sitting down to eat!

A while later, we’re outside. Abby decides to take an adventure walk in the woods with the neighbor; she’s gone for over an hour soaking up the sun and exploring.

Meanwhile, Ben is shooting hoops and we decide to get our baseball gloves to start training our arms for the upcoming season.

The girls are painting now while I’m typing. The sun is shining and the possibilities for the second half of our day are endless. Being on the no plan plan sometimes brings out the best in me.

3 responses to “We’re on the no plan plan…”

  1. The “No Plan Plan” sounds perfect, especially that walk in the woods. Our day is windy, a bit too windy for outdoor activities, but I’m counting the days until I can ride my bike outside and hike in the mountains.

    BTW: You are very good w/ turns of phrase and word play. I did read and comment on yesterday’s post but am not sure what nether regions of cyberspace devoured my comment. 🤷‍♀️


    1. Thank you! I really appreciate-I enjoy the adventure of where word play will bring me. I did see your comment yesterday but may have forgotten to approve it!


  2. just what we all need sometimes! I love this post! The title was a good grip and the slice itself was everything; I miss the days of letting the world slip away and beautiful unplanned living taking over. So so sweet!

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