I’m Gonna Homeschool the Heck Outta You!

With the announcement of our state closing school for a month, my kids cheered and smiled but with some panic. I had my usual angst (and this time with much more heightened apprehension) knowing a snow day with small children is only euphoric for the first few hours.

With a one month lapse in school, I told my kids I was gonna “homeschool the heck outta them!” I’ve always wanted the opportunity to try it. It’s like the first few weeks of summer break when we start off in a routine and by the Fourth of July, we just purge into summer vacation and forget routine because August is right around the corner!

Today, I started with my oldest as I introduced him to Jeopardy. Darn Generation Z has no clue about this wonderful trivia game or game shows in general. He kept asking why they say, “What is” or “Who is.”

Jeopardy reminded me about Trivial Pursuit. The game, whose objective is to get six pies in your game piece, (remember how hard it was to get them out too?) was a guest at all my family gatherings. From my teenage years through my middle twenties, we played this game for hours and hours especially on Christmas Day with my divorced parents sometimes being on the same team. So much fun!

Our homeschool days will also be filled with a never-ending game of Scrabble too. The big, red box with the spinning game board still stores the homemade medal a concierge made while vacationing in romantic Lake Louise. It was made for my husband who beat me night after night while trying to woo me into his world.

So, there you have it. Each day over the course of the next few weeks, while holed up in my house with my children, I will homeschool the heck outta them on “old school” leisurely fun. If you have any suggestions, leave them here.

4 responses to “I’m Gonna Homeschool the Heck Outta You!”

  1. I love the games you mentioned, but my favorite old school game is Password, which a friend and I perfected in college. We’d team up against a couple of guys whom we bribed to play against us by bribing them w/ a homemade meal. Soon we had a reputation, and eventually we couldn’t find anyone to play us! Thanks for sparking this memory.

    Oh, Concentration and puzzles are good, too. Have fun.!


    1. What a great memory! How fun to relive this during a very chaotic week. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life!


  2. “It was made for my husband who beat me night after night while trying to woo me into his world.” I love that your husband beats you in Scrabble. Mine does too, and it drives me NUTS! Good luck imparting knowledge during the month-long break…the kids won’t know what hit ’em!


  3. How wonderful! Your title drew me in, and I was afraid for a moment there that there would be some rigorous academic work breaking my brain! Love it that you pivoted to games. What a great way to learn and to feel connected and to have fun.


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